Royal Gel Flower Nail Design with Golden Transfer Foil

Zsuzsanna Kakasné Drazdó shows you how to create breathtaking flower design with Royal Gel and Transfer Foil.

1. Toughen the nail plate with Easy Off Hardener Gel and apply two layers of 3 Step CrystaLac 3S27 then cover the nail with Clear/Top 0 CrystaLac.
Cleanse it with Cleanser and remove the shine of the ring finger nail.

2. Paint flower petals using 3D Mini Acrylic Brush and Royal Gel R74. Cure it under UV lamp for 2-3 minutes.

3. Outline the flower using Nail Art Brush "0" (short) and Foil Gel Black then push an Xtreme Transfer Foil - Golden Eye on it.

4. For better adherence wipe the back of the Xtreme Transfer Foil with Cleanser.

5. Cover the surface with Clear/Top 0 CrystaLac then cure it under UV lamp for 2-3 minutes. Finally cleanse the nail with Cleanser.

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