Nail Art with Baroque Gel and Baroque Stickers

Melinda Drozdik shows you how to create beautiful nail art with Baroque Gel and Baroque Stickers. The Baroque Gel is a dense, easy-to-use, cleansing free product to create nice, convex patterns on the nail surface. It is available in five metallic shiny colors. Use the Baroque Sticker on the nail, cover with Top Gel or for a more exclusive effect you can heighten it with Clear Builder Gel, than create a wonderful frame with the Baroque Gel.

1. Sculpt the nail using Cover Refill Hard Gel, then refine the surface.

2. After dusting off the nail apply a thin layer of cleansing free Royal Gel R76 using a Nero Merlo 0 brush.

3. After the curing time remove the shine of the surface then paste a Baroque Stickers nailsticker on the surface. The sticker has a ribbed gripping surface so it easily sticks to curved surfaces.

4. Cover the surface of the flattened sticker with the Xtreme Top Shine gel, then cure it under UV lamp for 2-3 minutes.

5. After the curing time use Shiny Gold Baroque Gel and #0 Short Brush for the nail art. It is recommended to do quick cures between the phases of the pattern.

6. After the curing time (3-4 minutes) if you want a higher, protruding shape then draw the pattern again and cure it for another 3-4 minutes. The Baroque gel doesn't leave a sticky layer so there's no need for cleansing.

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