Flower Sticker with Royal Gel Decoration

Alexandra Méhész shows you the technique of applying a flower sticker that she expands with a lovely Royal Gel decoration.

1. Build a classic almond-shaped nail with Cover Refill Hard Gel.
Cover with white Royal Gel R6 using a Nero Merlo I brush. Cure it under UV/LED lamp for 1-2 minutes.

2. Apply a thin coat of Royal Gel R6 and cure it for one minute.
Press ChroMirror Chameleon 1 pigment powder into the surface.

3. After dusting off the surface apply Xtreme Top Shine. Make sure to cover the edges too.
Cure it under UV/LED lamp for 30 seconds then remove the shine of the surface with a Soft Touch Buffer.

4. Cut out a flower sticker and remove the protective coating then soak it in water.
Apply a thin coat of Primer Acid Free that helps the sticker to fit the nail.

5. Apply Primer Acid Free to soften the sticker a little so it's easier to place it. Especially at the edges of the nail.
Smooth the surface and remove the unwanted part of the sticker then file the edges with the Thin Wooden File.
Apply two layers of Xtreme Top Shine and cure both layers for 30 seconds.

6. Mix up 808 3D Hard Color Gel and Royal Gel R79 then paint the pattern on the borderline of the sticker.
Cure it under UV/LED lamp for 2-3 minutes.

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